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PV Solar Panels & Battery Storage

We are an approved MCS Solar Panel installation company.

We have gone through a vigorous vetting process, to get where we are today. MCS only allow quality companies to join their organisation, and use their logo. 

We offer a free no obligation survey, to help you understand what needs to be done. We will handle the G98 or G99 application forms for you, and issue yourselves a certificate in your handover pack. 


Here are some frequently asked questions...

How many panels can we fit on our roof?

After an initial conversation or meeting, we use satelite imagery to plot out how many panels we can fit on your roof.

This then gives us the information, on how many panels we can install on your roof. We work out the best configuration, so you can take full advantage of the suns rays.

Can I add battery storage?

The beauty of the new Hybrid inverters, is that excess energy can be sent to your battery system. This can then be used later on in the day or night when the solar panels have no sun to generate power. We can install battery storage from 5kWh to 30kWh or more.

Do you carry out the roofing works?

Can we feed any excess power back into the grid for money?

We are MCS certified, which means we can give you the necessary certificate for the 'Feed in Tariff' (FIT), providing your current energy supplier offers a FIT. We also handle the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) paperwork for you. Whether it is G98 or G99 approval required, we take care of it all for you.

We have a team of qualified roofers. We are electricians so we let the roofers do what they do best. Installations are always carried out off a scaffold. Firstly for health & safety, but the solar panels themselves are quite bulky, so we need a decent platform to work from. We have scaffolders on hand that we use regularly, but if you prefer you can use your own preferred choice of company.

Free Estimates

We are more than happy to visit your property, and discuss any electrical requirements that you might have.















How We Operate

There is nothing more annoying, than a tradesmen not showing up. We offer a written quotation, and once this is agreed by yourselves, you are then in the diary. We do not double-book, leaving you in the lurch. We are very reliable and up-front about all aspects of our workmanship.

Something Not Quite Right

Newman Electrical Services grew organically, as we treat customers with the utmost respect. If you think something is not quite right, then please let us know immediately. We will always put things right for you.

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